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Table 1 Allowable limits of Fusarium mycotoxins in food and feeds in certain countries and regions

From: Occurrence, toxicity, production and detection of Fusarium mycotoxin: a review

RangeToxinCountryApplicable ProductsLimit (μg/kg)
FoodDONChinaCereals and their products1000
EURaw durum and oats, wet-milled corn1750
Unprocessed cereals other than hard wheat, oats, and corn1250
Cereal that can be consumed directly and cornflakes less than or equal to 500 μm in size750
Bread, snacks, desserts, and breakfast cereals500
Cereal-based foods for infants and young children200
AmericaWheat for food milling2000
Final products made using edible wheat1000
CanadaUnpurified soft wheat in China2000
Soft wheat flour (adult food)1200
Soft wheat flour (baby food)600
Baby foodProhibited
BulgariaGrain and products made from grain for direct consumption or as processed food ingredients1000
Cereals which will be stored or subjected to further physical processing prior to consumption2000
Corn and corn products1000
CubaImported cereals300
SerbiaRaw corn1750
ZENChinaWheat and flour60
Corn and corn flour (slag and slice)60
EUProcessed cereals for infants and young children20
Bread and breakfast cereals50
Grain products that can be eaten directly75
Corn, corn snacks, and corn breakfast cereals that can be eaten directly100
Corn flakes larger than 500 μm in size200
Corn flakes less than or equal to 500 μm in size300
Corn treated via wet grinding350
Refined corn oil400
ArmeniaAll foods1000
AustriaWheat, rye, and hard wheat60
BelarusBarley, wheat, and corn1000
Baby foodsProhibited
BulgariaGrain and processed grain products for direct consumption or for use as processed food ingredients200
Corn and corn products200
ChileAll foods200
FranceGrain and grain products50
FUMSEUCorn-based baby foods200
Corn snacks and corn breakfast cereals800
Corn, corn snacks, and corn breakfast cereals that can be eaten directly1000
Corn flakes larger than 500 μm in size1400
Corn flakes less than or equal to 500 μm in size2000
Corn treated via wet grinding4000
AmericaEdible corn2000
FB1 & FB2BulgariaCorn and corn products1000
FB1CubaCorn and rice1000
FB1FranceGrain and grain products1000
T-2ChinaDistiller’s dried grain with corn solubles for feed100
Formulated feeds for pigs and poultry1000
ArmeniaAll foods100
BelarusCereal, flour, and shelled oats100
Infant foodProhibited
BulgariaGrain and grain products for direct consumption and for use as processed food ingredients100
FeedDONChinaFormulated feeds for pigs, calves, and lactating animals1000
Formulated feeds for cattle and poultry3000
Feed for fattening poultry1500
Feeds for breeding poultry and laying fowl1000
Feeds for beef cattle1000
CanadaFeeds for livestock and poultry5000
Feeds for pigs, calves, and cows1000
CubaAll feedstuffs300
CyprusAll feedstuffs except coarse grain7000
Complete feeds for pigs1000
Complete feeds for poultry and fattening calves5000
Complete feeds for other animals3000
ZENChinaFeeds and distiller’s dried grain with corn solubles500
AustriaFeeds for breeding swine50
CanadaFeeds for gilts and sows3000
Complete feeds for piglets1000
Complete feeds for all pigs except piglets1500
T-2CanadaFeeds for pigs and poultry1000
HT-2CanadaFeeds for livestock and poultry100