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Table 1 Anti-nutrients and their concentrations in different food sources

From: Plant food anti-nutritional factors and their reduction strategies: an overview

Source Anti-nutrients Concentration References
Mung bean Total Phenol 238 mg/100 g (d.w.) Shi et al. 2016; Zujko et al. 2016
Chickpea 660 mg/100 g (d.w.)
Soybean Tannin 1.93 mg/g Adeyemo and Onilude 2013
Phytate 1.16 mg/g
Trypsin Inhibitor 1.20 mg/g
Protease Inhibitor 1.20 mg/g
Peanut seeds Phytic acid 2.63 mg/g Embaby 2010
Tannins 8.9 mg/g
Trypsin Inhibitor activity 5.6 mg/g
Maize Phytate 87.16–683.20 mg/ 100 g Sokrab et al. 2011
Polyphenol 363.71–706.15 mg/100 g
Wheat Tannin 1.43–1.84 mg/g (d.w.) Singh et al. 2012
Phytic acid 7.95–8.00 mg/g (d.w.)
Rice Polyphenol 172.11 mg/100 g Kaushal et al. 2012
Phytic acid 93.70 mg/100 g
Pearl Millet Tannin 0.459 mg/100 g Singh et al. 2017
Finger Millet 0.301 mg/100 g
Sorghum 0.601 mg/100 g
Pearl Millet Phytic acid 5.00 mg/100 g
Finger Millet 8.6 mg/100 g
Sorghum 3.4 mg/100 g
Kidney beans Phytic acid 627.33 mg/100 g Margier et al. 2018
Chickpeas 693.94 mg/100 g
Kidney beans Saponins 106.02 mg/100 g
Chickpeas 121.86 mg/100 g
Peanut Lectin 0.14 mg/g Ahmed 1986
Soybean 0.11 mg/g
  1. d.w. Dry weight