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Table 3 HMG-CoA reductase (HMG-COAR) inhibitory activity of the assayed dipeptides at 1 mM (n > 3)

From: Inhibition of 3-hydroxy-3-methyl-glutaryl-coenzyme A reductase enzyme by dipeptides identified in dry-cured ham

Dipeptide % Inhibition SD
AA Ala-Ala 13.80e 5.84
AL Ala-Leu 13.02e 1.82
AQ Ala-Gln 11.34e,f 3.55
AW Ala-Trp n. s.g n.s.
DA Asp-Ala 49.57a 5.49
DD Asp-Asp 33.04c,d 6.23
DG Asp-Gly n. s.g n.s.
EE Glu-Glu 47.26a,b 7.40
ES Glu-Ser 45.49a,b 6.28
EV Glu-Val n. s.g n.s.
GA Gly-Ala n. s.g n.s.
LE Leu-Glu n. s.g n.s.
LL Leu-Leu 48.32a 5.87
PA Pro-Ala n. s.g n.s.
QQ Gln-Gln 4.71f,g 1.39
VG Val-Gly n. s.g n.s.
VH Val-His 28.63d 8.48
SET 1   39.73b,c 1.91
SET 2   n. s.g n.s.
  1. Set 1 refers to the peptide group DA, DD, EE, ES, LL, and VH at 1 mM; Set 2 refers to the peptide group AA, AL, AQ, and QQ at 1 mM. Letters designate significant differences among the values at P < 0.05. n. s. indicates non-significant inhibition