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Table 2 The primers were applied for the RAPD analysis

From: Phenotypic and phylogenetic characterization of Lactobacillus species isolated from traditional Lighvan cheese

Primer Sequence 5′- 3´ Reference
P8 GTCCCGTTAC (Abbo et al., 1991)
P10 TTTCACATGG (Abbo et al., 1991)
OPB-10 CTGCTGGGAC (Bieliková et al., 2002)
OPF-11 TTGGTACCCC (Bieliková et al., 2002)
CRA 23 GCGATCCCCA (Daud Khaled et al., 1997)
OMP-05 GGGAACGTCT (Gancheva et al., 1999)
OPA-02 TGCCGAGCTG (Gancheva et al., 1999)
OPL-02 TGGGCGTCAA (Van Reenen & Dicks, 1996)
OPL-05 ACGCAGGCAC (Van Reenen & Dicks, 1996)