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Table 1 Name and geographical origin of the 24 mung bean genotypes

From: Nutritional, phytochemical and antioxidant properties of 24 mung bean (Vigna radiate L.) genotypes

No. Genotype name Source/Origin
M1 Jinlv 80432 Shanxi province
M2 Jinlv 15–308 Shanxi province
M3 Jinlv 9 Shanxi province
M4 Jinlv 1174 Shanxi province
M5 Jinlv 995 Shanxi province
M6 Jinlv 399 Shanxi province
M7 Yangling Shaanxi province
M8 Mizhi Shaanxi province
M9 Yanan Shaanxi province
M10 Yulin Shaanxi province
M 11 Yanan 4 Shaanxi province
M12 Mizhi 6 Shaanxi province
M13 Suheilv 1 Jiangsu province
M14 Sulv 3 Jiangsu province
M15 Sulv 4 Jiangsu province
M16 Sulv 1 Jiangsu province
M17 Sukang 3 Jiangsu province
M18 Sulv 3074 Jiangsu province
M19 Kanglv 4 Hebei province
M20 Hanlv 1 Hebei province
M21 Jilv 2 Hebei province
M22 Hanlv 1635 Hebei province
M23 Jilv 9025 Hebei province
M24 Jilv 7 Hebei province